How Do I Adjust the Band Size of a Deployment Clasp Style Watch Band?

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Watches are the ultimate men's accessory--stylish and functional. You can find a watch for every occasion and personality type. However it can be difficult to find a watch that truly fits your wrist. Leather-banded watches with traditional buckle clasps are often bulky and uncomfortable. They also require additional care to maintain the finish and remove residue from absorbed sweat. Metal link bands offer greater control over band size and a sleek finish when featuring a deployment-style clasp.

Purchase additional links using the model/style number located on the underside of the band. It may be stamped near the clasp or on the battery cover. Certain brands do not sell additional links to consumers. Others may require specialized tools to adjust the band. Talk to your supplier and determine the feasibility of the project. It may be easier to hand the watch to a professional.

Prepare your surface. Place all tools nearby and lay a dark cloth on the tabletop. This cloth makes it easier to see the metal pieces and minimizes the risk of loosing pins or links.

Remove the pin holding down the deployment clasp, using a needle. This style of clasp makes it difficult to access the underside of the band because it connects the links in a full loop. Look for the connecting pins on the side of the band where the clasp meets the first link. Try to remove the pin on both sides; only one needs to be removed. Place the spring pin in a container or tape it to the dark cloth for safe keeping.

Examine the clasp at the point where you removed the pin. If there are additional holes here you will be able to make small size adjustments by moving the clasp. Realign the clasp with the terminating link at a different hole. Reinsert the pin and test for fit. Remove the pin and continue to Step 5 if you need a more significant adjustment.

Wrap the band around your wrist and decide how many links to add or remove.

Lay the watch so that the underside is exposed and examine the connections between the links. Look for pins on the side, seams or arrows. Examining the additional links may also illuminate the procedure. Remove pins from links using a pin pusher. Place the band in a link removal tool or use pliers and a screwdriver to remove the end caps (see Resources).

Subtract or add links and test for fit. Re-attach clasp using spring pin.