How to Adjust the Band on a Seiko 5 Series

by Ann Sofer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Seiko is a popular Japanese watch company that has offered numerous watch designs since 1881. Most of the watches that we have today were greatly influenced by the production of Seiko watches more than a century ago. Seiko 5 series consist of the 7s35/6 or 7s25/6 movements in watches that control the day-date variations of the accessory. Adjusting the band of these watches is almost the same as adjusting other Seiko designs. Here is how you can adjust the band of a watch from the Seiko 5 series.

Place the watch on a soft piece of cloth to prevent scratches while you adjust the band. Position the watch on its edge with the links facing towards you.

Check the inside of the watch links for arrows on the side of each link. These arrows refer to the direction in which the pins should be pushed out. The tiny circles at the sides are the pin heads. These pins are what secure the links to the watch.

Choose the link that you wish to remove and set your pointed tool on top of its head. Push down the tool to the direction of the arrow. Remove both pins if you want to fully remove the link. Remove one pin if you are adding another link.

Take out the loose link to make the band smaller. This will give you an extra pin and link to use in the future. Add another link if you want a larger band.

Insert the pin into the hole to reattach the entire band after you have added or removed the necessary links. You may choose to replace the pins with new ones. The number of pins that you will insert back into the holes depends on whether you added or removed a link (see Step 3).

Push the pins down following the direction on the arrow.

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