How to Remove Links From a Strech Band Watch

People often buy a stretch watchband only to find it is too big for them. If this is the case for you, you can size it to your liking by following a few simple steps.

Attach one end of the band to the case of the watch and wrap the band around your wrist. Count the overlap and add one. This will be the number of links to be removed.

Lay the watchband upside down on a hard surface. Stretch the band a few times and you will see a small connecting piece between the upper link and lower link.

Pry the edge of the band up to get to the small connecting piece. Remove the the small piece -- it's actually a spring.

Repeat the above step with both edges of the band. Slide the section to be removed sideways. The staples holding the links together will disengage.

Take the two exposed ends, reconnect them with the spring linkage, and fold the ends of the link back into place.