How to Adjust a Casio Pathfinder Titanium Band

Casio Pathfinders are rugged and reliable sports watches that are available with steel or titanium watch bands. Casio Pathfinder watches come with extra links in place, so new Pathfinders rarely fit straight out of the box. Luckily, you can easily remove the excess links from your titanium watch band for a custom fit. Titanium watch bands are no more difficult to adjust than traditional steel bands. You can save up to $25 dollars (as of 2010) by adjusting your titanium watch band at home.

Find a clean, flat surface where you can comfortably adjust your Casio Pathfinder's titanium watch band. The area where you perform your band adjustment should be well lit to illuminate the extremely small components of titanium band. Cover your work surface with a sheet of felt. Adjust your watch band over the felt sheet; the sheet will catch any small metal tubes that may fall out while your watch band is being adjusted, as well as protecting your watch face from scuffs and scratches.

Lay your Casio Pathfinder watch face down on the felt so that you can examine the back of titanium band. Note that several of the watch's links are marked with arrows; these arrows indicate the removable band links.

Remove the clasp piece on the side of the titanium band with the excess links. If removing more than one or two links, take off both clasp pieces and remove an equal number of links from both sides of the band. Locate the metal pin that holds the clasp piece in place. Push the metal pin in the direction of the arrows with a watch pin removal tool or thumbtack. Use a pair of needle-nose jewelry pliers, if necessary, to pull the pin completely free. Set the metal pin and clasp piece aside until you are ready to replace them. Note that small metal tubes may fall out along with the link pins; take care not to lose these as they are integral to reassembling your titanium watch band.

Look between the removable watch links to locate the metal pins, similar to the one or ones you used to free your Casio Pathfinder watch clasp, that hold the titanium links together. Use a watch pin removal tool, or thumbtack, to push the metal pins in the direction of the arrows until they dislodge, freeing the excess link. Repeat this process to remove additional links, as desired.

Reassemble your Casio Pathfinder's titanium watch band to complete your band adjustment. Reattach the clasp piece with the end of the watch band by joining the band and clasp pieces together. If a small metal tube fell out when you removed the clasp piece, reinsert it before replacing the metal pin. Tap the metal pin in all the way using a small rubber jewelry mallet, if necessary.