How to Adjust Invicta Watch Bands

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Established in 1837 by Swiss watchmaker Raphael Picard, Invicta is a privately owned watch company that uses a hands-on approach and reasonable pricing to compete with the larger, better-known watch brands. Though invicta watches are a perfect fit for some wearers right out of the box, many wearers have to adjust the band to achieve the fit they desired. Luckily, adjusting an Invicta watch band is so simple, you'll be able to enjoy your custom-fitting wristwatch in just minutes.

Choose a clean, flat surface where you can perform the band adjustment on your Invicta watch. The area you select should be well-lit to illuminate the small watch band components. Place a soft cloth over your work surface to protect the face of your Invicta watch from being scratched or scuffed during band adjustment.

Remove the clasp of your Invicta watch band. The watch band clasp is held in place by a spring-loaded metal pin. Exert pressure on the pin with a watch pin removal tool; the pin will not come out but will move over just enough to allow you to separate the clasp from the rest of the watch band.

Lay your Invicta watch face down on the soft protective cloth so you can examine the back of the watch band. The watch links engraved with small arrows indicate the removable links, as well as which direction the link pins must be pushed to remove them.

Turn your attention to the last link on the side of the watch band without the clasp. Use a watch pin removal tool, or push pin, to push the link pin the direction of the arrow. Once the pin has been removed, the last link on the watch band will come free. Repeat this step to remove additional watch links, as necessary.

Lengthen your Invicta watch band by adding additional watch links. Remove the watch band clasp as described in Step 2. Fit the additional watch link to the last link on your Invicta watch band. Insert the link pin and apply gentle pressure to push it all the way in.

Reattach the clasp to the end of your Invicta watch band. Push in the spring-loaded metal pin, fit the clasp and watch band pieces together and then release the spring-loaded pin to hold the band in place.