How to Remove Links From an Expansion Watch Band

hand watch image by Rade Cojbasic from

Expansion watch bands are made out of metal and act as a bracelet to expand and contract on to the user’s wrist. Most expansion wrist bands are spring-loaded with pins to allow for flexibility. There are a few steps to removing links from an expansion watch band. The pins can be removed from any section on the watch band.

Wrap the band around the user’s wrist. Count the number of links that overlap on the bracelet and add 1 to the number. This is the number of links to remove from the watch band.

Place the watch face down on a soft surface, such as a towel. Bend down the top edge flaps on the number of links you wish to remove. If there are no flaps on the watch band, use a small pair of pliers to gently pull out the staple that holds the links together.

Flip the watch over and bend down the bottom edge flaps on the links with the top flaps open. You will need to open the links immediately to the left of the open top flaps. If your watch band does not have flaps, skip this step.

Slide the section sideways, which will cause the links to open. Take away the section you want removed.

Place the two parts of the watch band back together and push in the staples that hold the links together. Use the pliers as needed to push in the staples. Close the flaps.