How to Replace the Battery in Harley Davidson Pocket Watches

The official Harley Davidson pocket watch has been produced by Bulova, a prestigious Swiss watch company, since 2001. If you own a Harley Davidson pocket watch, it is essential that you give it the proper care and, if possible, take it to a professional for a battery change and routine maintenance. If, however, you wish to change the battery on your own, it is a fairly simple task requiring basic tools. A quartz Harley Davidson pocket watch--quartz meaning it is battery-powered--has a snap-on back that can be removed with relative ease.

Place your Harley Davidson pocket watch face down on your soft cloth. This will help prevent your pocket watch from sliding on a hard surface as well as reduce the risk of scratches.

Look closely at the back of the watch. You should notice a small groove or space between the actual case of the pocket watch and the back plate.

Place the edge of your knife blade gently into this space. Take special care not to scratch the metal casing. If you don't have a knife with a very thin blade, a small screwdriver will suffice.

Give the knife or screwdriver a slight twist. This should be enough to pop off the back plate of the pocket watch. If you sense that the back plate is tight, you may want to gently work your knife or screwdriver along the entire length of the groove in order to loosen it. Do not use excessive force. If the back plate does not snap off with moderate effort, you should take your Harley Davidson watch to a professional service technician. He will have specialty tools that he can use to safely remove the back.

Look at the placement of the battery in your pocket watch after you've removed the back. Specifically note which side is facing up so that you can properly place the new battery.

Use your tweezers to carefully lift the clip that is holding the battery in place. Use your fingertips to slide the old battery out.

Guide the new battery into place. Be sure to use your fingertips once again, as metal may cause damage to the delicate internal parts of the pocket watch, possibly magnetizing them.

Replace the back plate. It should snap back into position with ease. If your Harley Davidson pocket watch has a rubber ring between the case and the back plate, make sure it is properly lined up before you replace the back.

Check your pocket watch to make sure it is functioning properly. If everything seems to be in working order, set it to the proper time and use your cloth to polish the pocket watch and remove any fingerprints or smudges.