How to Change the Battery on a Colibri Pocket Watch

gold pocket watch image by Warren Millar from

Colibri pocket watches are both practical and a fashion statement, and usually require a new battery once every year or two. You can take your Colibri pocket watch to a jewelry store for a replacement battery, or you can carefully change the battery yourself. There is always a risk of scratching the cover, so if it is an expensive model, you may prefer to allow a professional to change the battery. However, if you are careful and use the proper tools, you should be able to change the battery without damaging the watch in less than 10 minutes.

Find the small groove on the back of the watch right above the hinge.

Place the tip of the screwdriver (the small kind used for the screws in glasses) into the groove and gently pry off the back of the watch.

Locate the old battery and gently pry it out with the screwdriver.

Replace the battery and lid and rewind the watch to the correct time.