About Ecco Shoes Warranty

shoes image by Valery Shanin from Fotolia.com

Known for clean lines and simple design, Ecco shoes are inspired by a "form follows function" philosophy. The company also offers a one-year limited warranty on all shoes purchased at retailers and through its website.

What's Covered

Ecco's warranty covers manufacturing and material defects, including faulty stitching, hardware (e.g., eyelets, hooks and buckles), quality of leather, attachment of soles and durability of outsoles. Shoes made with Gore-Tex are guaranteed to remain waterproof for one year from date of purchase.

What's Not Covered

The warranty doesn't cover wear and tear. So if you scuff your shoes, snag a hook on something or expose your shoes to caustic chemicals or other detrimental materials, you won't be able to exchange them. Also, you can't exchange your shoes merely because they don't fit.

Keep Your Receipt

The warranty period is one year from date of purchase. Remember to keep your receipt, as you'll need it if you decide to exchange your shoes under Ecco's warranty program.

Exchanging Your Shoes

To make a warranty claim, call the company at (888) 349-3226. A customer service agent will take down your information, and the company will send you a postage-paid envelope to return your shoes. Ecco will then evaluate your claim.

Renewal and Tune-Up

If your shoes are not approved for exchange or your warranty period has expired, Ecco offers shoe renewal and tune-up programs that include services such as restitching, outsole replacement, deodorization and leather refinishing and conditioning.