How to Submit Shoe Designs to Nike

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Nike has long been known as the leader of the athletic footwear industry. The company produces shoes intended for a myriad of sports and physical activity. In addition, the company has made a name for itself in urban culture and footwear has truly become a form of expression. Many people have sneaker ideas that they would like to submit to Nike, but because of the company’s popularity, there are strict rules and guidelines for the submission of ideas.

Draw up the design for your shoe. You may submit a drawing rather than a prototype for the shoe. Both are acceptable, however a drawing of the design with explanation is far cheaper than having a prototype built. If the design is accepted, the company that buys the shoe design will handle the prototype process.

Request a patent search for your idea and design. The patent office offers a comprehensive search that will establish whether or not a patent exists that is similar or the same as your design. If no patent exists, you can proceed.

File a patent application. The application must include all the necessary forms for a design patent and must also include a complete drawing, or series of photographs of the design. The application can be filed electronically with the patent office via their website.

Wait for the patent office to approve your claim. This process can take several months. If you have filed electronically, you may check the status of the application at any time online.

Once the patent is approved contact Nike via their contact form. A representative will get back to you regarding the guidelines for submission.

Follow the guideline instructions and submit your design to the applicable mailing address. This address will be given to you within the Guidelines for Submission Packet. The guidelines for submission are strict and must be followed completely for Nike to consider your design.

If Nike is interested in using your design you will be contacted by a Nike representative to discuss the design, the patent and the legalities of selling the design.