How to Find the Name of a Coach Purse

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According to the Coach Inc. website, Coach Inc., founded in 1941, has grown from producing a collection of leather goods to producing accessories, shoes and apparel in both leather and other fabrics. The Coach Inc. website's Company Profile states that the craftsmanship of Coach handbags has been maintained over the years as the company expanded from the original six artisans that crafted the leather products. A list of Coach's current handbag collections is maintained on its website, making it fairly easy for people to identify the name of each handbag.

Turn on your computer or the device you will use to access the Internet. Allow the system to boot up.

Open your Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Type in the URL Be aware that the Coach website uses a form of Adobe Flash player so you might be asked to download the player. (If you are using a smartphone, your browser might not support the website.)

Locate and hover your mouse over the "Handbags" link on the left-hand side of the page and select the subheading "view all handbags" to search all collections. If you already know the collection that your handbag is from, you also can choose to search by collection.

Scan through the images and names of the purses listed on the website. Note that the Coach website maintains a current list of handbag collections and you might not be able to use the website to identify purses that have been discontinued.