How to Authenticate a Gucci Leather Jacket

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Investing in luxury, brand name clothing and accessories is an expensive proposition. Certain brands, such as Gucci, are valued highly -- based on the design of each item, coupled with the logo that's easily seen on it. If you are purchasing or have been given a Gucci leather jacket, looking for a few key indicators will help you discern whether it's a true original or a knockoff.

Request to review the original sales slip for the Gucci leather jacket, if it's already been purchased. Compare any serial or style numbers to the receipt to verify authenticity. Genuine Gucci leather jackets are sold only through authorized resellers or by Gucci directly.

Lay the jacket open on a table under bright lights. Make sure to clean and cover the table with a white sheet, to prevent the jacket from getting soiled.

Examine the inside label of the Gucci leather jacket. Use a magnifying glass to detect any discrepancies in the printing of the Gucci name. Verify the brand name is spelled correctly, and that the entire word is in uppercase lettering. Read the label to verify the leather jacket was manufactured in Italy.

Look at the lining of the Gucci leather coat. It will be either plain or printed with the Gucci name and crest throughout the material. If the crest and name appear, use the magnifying glass to verify the crest matches the one posted on the Gucci website. Make sure the Gucci name is again spelled properly.

Smell the leather and run your hands over the material. Gucci leather jackets are made from high quality, soft leather. Even distressed style Gucci leather jackets utilize high quality material. Good Italian leather will have an earthy, musky, distinct leather smell; you should be able to detect the quality of the leather based on the pungent aroma of the leather.

Inspect the stitching on all seams of the jacket, both inside and out. An authentic Gucci leather jacket will have very precise stitching in a thread color compatible or well-blended-in with the rest of the jacket. Note any missed stitches or gaps in stitching, to potentially signal a fake Gucci jacket.

Examine all hardware -- including zippers, buttons, zipper pulls and grommets. Zippers should move up and down easily without sticking. Zipper pulls will have the Gucci name or "YKK" imprinted on the front, back or both sides of the zipper. Buttons and grommets will be smooth, free of tarnish and potentially imprinted with the Gucci name or crest logo.