How to Find the Style Number on Lucchese Boots

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Sam Lucchese Sr. established the Lucchese Boot Company in 1883 in San Antonio, Texas. The company is still in operation today in El Paso, Texas, crafting custom-made, fine-leather boots. All Lucchese boots are assigned a style number when they are made. If you have lost the style number, which is located on the care card that comes with all boots, you can still find the style number for your boots by using the collections resource on the Lucchese website.

Gather any identifying documents you have in connection to your boots. Check for a sales receipt, care card or the box the shoes came in. Ideally, you will find some information that narrows the field of boots into collections. The collections are divided into the following: Lucchese Classics, 1883, Lucchese 2000, Charlie 1, Resistol Ranch, State Boots, Lucchese Cowboy and Cowgirl and Diva. If your boots have not been heavily worn, you will find the collection name on the bottom of the boot or somewhere in the boot interior.

Open your Internet browser and go to the Lucchese collections Web page, located as of January 2011 at

Select the collection for your boots. For example, if you have a pair of Lucchese Classics, click on the hyperlink that reads “Lucchese Classics.”

Select the type of boot you have within the collection, such as Ropers or Fashion. This will further narrow your search. If you do not know the type of boots you have, click on categories one at a time until you find an image that matches your boots.

Match the boots you have to the image in the collection. Under the boot that matches the boot you own, you will see a letter followed by a series of numbers. This letter and number combination is the Lucchese boots' style number.