How to Find Daycare Inspection Reports in Indiana

by Julia Drake ; Updated November 18, 2017

Make sure that your child's daycare resolves any inspection issues.

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When you send your child to daycare, you want to make sure that the daycare is in compliance with building and fire safety codes and standards. You can do this through public records filed by Indiana state inspectors, who visit Indiana daycare facilities throughout the state and write inspection reports each year on whether or not a daycare is safe for children. If you want to find an inspection report, you can look on the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration website, where the reports are published.

Step 1

Navigate to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration website ( Click on the link to “Family Resources,” under the “Divisions” subheading on the left side of the page. Then, navigate to “Child Care,” under the “DFR Home” heading on the left side of the page and click on “Locate Child Care/See Inspection Reports."

Step 2

Choose a county from the drop-down menu on the “Child Care Provider Information” page. You can click on the “State Map” link if you need to view a map of Indiana's counties.

Step 3

Read through the site's terms and conditions, then check the box indicating that you agree to those terms and conditions. You will see a list of child care providers in the county that you selected. Click on any of the listed child care providers to view details about the business.

Step 4

Click on the “Inspection Information” link to view the child care provider's inspection report. You will see the date of the inspection(s) and the type of correction the child care provider needs to apply in order to comply with the government's inspection standards. If the child care provider took action and resolved the issue, you will see a date listed under the “Date Resolved” column.

Step 5

Return to the “Child Care Provider Information” page and enter a city or a ZIP code if you don't prefer searching for daycare facilities by county. You also have the option of typing in a childcare provider's name into the search field.


  • If you need more information about child care facilities and inspection reports in the state of Indiana, contact a Local Resource and Referral representative (800-299-1627).

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