How to Verify a Daycare License Number

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Daycare licenses are issued by county or state human resource agencies, depending on the size and location of the facility. Licenses should include the name of the daycare and licensee, the issue and expiration date, the signature of the issuing agent and a license number. Most states require caregivers to post the contact information of the issuing agency so that parents have easy access to it in case of complaints or questions. If this information is not provided by the daycare, locating the regulating agency and verifying a license is a simple process.

Identify the licensing agency in your state. The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center maintains an online database of daycare licensing agencies by state.

Call your state's main agency to determine the contact person for the daycare in question. Home daycare facilities are typically licensed locally on the county level. Larger facilities are licensed by the state in most cases.

Call the licensing agent oversees the daycare in question. Provide the name of the facility, the director's name and the license number. Ask the agent to verify the validity of the license.