Where Can I Find a Shoe That Was Discontinued From New Balance?

It takes time and effort to find the perfect pair of shoes. Once we find what we're looking for, we hope we'll be able to buy another pair of the same shoes when we need to replace them. Unfortunately, manufacturers -- including New Balance -- discontinue even the best shoe models. With a little research, you may be able to find a retailer who still has a pair of your favorite New Balance shoes.

New Balance Store

Visit your local New Balance store and ask a sales consultant if they can help you find the shoe. To search for the shoe, the sales consultant will probably need a full description of the shoe including size, color, name, style and item number. Even though the shoe is discontinued, it's possible that a New Balance store may still have a pair in your color and size. If this is the case, your local store may be able to have the shoes shipped.

Factory Store

Visit a New Balance factory store in outlets centers across the United States. Factory stores carry discounted merchandise from prior seasons and this includes discontinued shoes. While there is no guarantee that you'll find the pair you're looking for, if you do find them, you'll be happy for the factory discount.

Online Shoe Retailers

Internet discount shoe retailers such as Zappos, and Onlineshoes, may have limited quantities of some discontinued New Balance styles. Log on to the retailer's website and search for the shoe using the style name and number. If the retailer is having a sale, you may get the shoes at a good price.


Many people find that eBay is a treasure trove of discontinued items. Some eBay vendors sell personal items and other vendors specialize in department store overstock. Either type of vendor may have an unused pair of the New Balance shoe style that you're looking for. Simply log on to eBay, type the shoe name and style into the search box and see if any matches come up. Refine your search by pulling up results in your size. If you find a vendor who has the shoe you want for the right price, then you're ready to make a deal.