How to Identify Nike Style Number

Nike is a leading producer of footwear and apparel. Over the years, the company has achieved worldwide popularity and has become an icon and status symbol. Many people will have owned a pair of Nike shoes at some point in their lives. For ease of ordering your next pair--or when dealing with customer service--you may need the specific style number of your chosen product. The style number is easy to identify through Nike's online store.

Navigate your Internet browser to Pick your country and your desired language in which you would like to use the site.

Enter the name of the Nike product into the search function on the left-hand side of the page. Click on the magnifying glass or hit “Enter.”

Click on the desired style. The product's style number will be on the right-hand side of its page. The number will usually be five or six digits, followed by a dash, then another number to indicate its color code.