What Are Moon Boots?

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Moon Boots are boots that were famous primarily in the 1970s and 1980s. They were created by a company from Italy called "Tecnica." Moon Boots are known for the warmth they provide as well as the fact that there is no distinction in the boot for the left or right foot. Moon Boots are still worn today.


In 1971 Technica introduced the first Moon Boots; this company still produces Moon Boots as of 2011. In 1978 Technica trademarked the Moon Boot name to protect it. As of 2011 there are many companies who have imitated the Moon Boot; however, Technica is the only company with rights to use the name “Moon Boot.” According to Ski Essentials, Technica has sold more than 20 million pairs of the boots since they were released.


Moon Boots are designed to keep feet extremely warm even in temperatures that are down to -30 degree Fahrenheit. The boots are made with a large sole and a heavily cushioned area for the foot. The cushion keeps feet warm and the plastic out-sole keeps water from penetrating through the boot.


Moon Boots are sized as small, medium or large. They are sold as a pair however, Moon Boots do not vary from left to right feet. The boots all look identical, allowing a person to wear them on either foot. Moon Boots that are gray and white resemble the boots that astronauts wear and the name “Moon Boot” was coined after the Apollo moon expedition.


Moon Boots are not hiking boots. If you are planning on outdoor winter activities that require a lot of effort, they are not the best choice for your feet. They are good for children to play outside and will keep their feet warm for hours. You can purchase Moon Boots at many stores and online. They are available in a wide variety of colors and generically from a variety of manufacturers.