How to Lace Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are classic footwear that are ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities, or for those who simply want a durable and stylish boot to last for years. These boots come in a range of colors and materials, and can even be made with customizable designs. Despite the newly emerging styles, there remains a classic technique to lacing Timberland boots that is still in use today. For a clean, classic bootlace look to accentuate your Timberlands, follow the steps below.

Take one Timberland boot and run a shoelace straight through the bottom two eyelets. Rather than having the shoelace emerging from both eyelets as with normal criss-cross lacing, feed both ends of the lace into the eyelets so that they are now on the interior of the boot.

Cross both ends over one another and insert each one through the next set of eyelets, and the next set after that. The laces should be criss-crossed over one another.

Repeat the above step until the ends of the laces reach the top two eyelets at the mouth of the boot. At this point the shoelace ends should be inside the shoe, and the boot should be fully laced.

Repeat Steps 1 to 3 with the other boot.