How to Fix a Leather Jacket With a Snap Button

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If you've lost a snap button off of your expensive leather jacket, never fear. Repairing a snap button is easy -- it takes less than five minutes and requires only a few tools. You'll be wearing your coat again in no time.

Replacing Post-Style Snaps

Figure out what type of snap your jacket has. There are two types -- post-style and prong-style. The shaft of a post-style snap requires a hole in the fabric so the post can be pushed through. A prong-style snap has teeth that connect it to the fabric. Most leather jackets have post-style snaps.

Push the post of the snap through the jacket's snap button hole from the bottom. You should be able to see the post sticking up through the jacket.

Attach the top of the snap to the post. Squeeze the two together firmly until the top and bottom are securely connected. You may be able to complete this step with your fingers, although a snap applicator is recommended for best results.

Repairing Prong-Style Snaps

Identify the broken snap. Push a flathead screwdriver inside the fabric between the top and bottom of the snap button. Gently lift the screwdriver upwards until the snap pops free.

Lay the new snap in the snap applicator. The teeth should be touching your coat. Place the arms of the applicator on both sides of the fabric where you must apply your new snap.

Squeeze the snap firmly to attach it in place. Be sure to squeeze tightly; otherwise you’ll bend the teeth.