How to Get Studs Off of a Jacket

Needle nose pliers on white background

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Studs can instantly add flair to a dull jacket, enhancing many different materials ranging from denim to leather. Whether the studs on your jacket are shaped like stars, pyramids or cones, you will often find they have prongs that attach them to the fabric. To change the appearance of a studded jacket, you may want to remove some of the studs. Correctly removing them is essential to keeping your jacket's material intact.

Lay the jacket on a table with the inside exposed, so you see the back closures of the studs. Turn the sleeves inside out, if the studs are on the sleeves.

Slide a flat-head screw driver underneath each prong of the stud. Lift the screwdriver upward so the prong stands up straight. Loosen all the prongs of the stud this way.

Turn the jacket over and lightly pull the stud out of the fabric. Remove as many studs as desired, in this fashion.