How to Attach Buckles to Leather Belts

by Michelle Labbe

Belt buckles can provide an understated accent to your outfit, adding a touch of personality, quirkiness, or elegance, depending on the buckle design. Some belt buckles are designed to be interchangeable so that you can customize a favorite belt by changing the buckle every so often to suit the occasion or your mood. Switching out the buckle on a standard leather belt is a simple way to add variety to your wardrobe and get more use from a single belt.

Items you will need

  • Leather belt
  • Belt buckle
Step 1

Flip your belt over to the wrong side and inspect your belt to make sure you can change the buckle on it. Not all belts are designed to have the buckle changed, but many leather belts do come with removable buckles. If the buckle is removable, the belt will have small snaps just below the buckle.

Step 2

Lay the belt and the buckle you are switching to on a flat surface, next to each other and face-down. Ensure the belt lies flat and does not curl up at either end, and check that the new buckle is facing the right way so you don't attach it upside-down.

Step 3

Unclasp the snaps at the end of the belt. Flip up the end of the leather and remove the old belt buckle.

Step 4

Position the new belt buckle over the leather. Center the buckle and fold or slide the leather of the belt through the metal loop at the end of the buckle. Secure the snaps back into place.

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