How to Put a Belt Buckle on


Belt buckles can make instant fashion statements. You can find different style belt buckles in novelty stores, in specialty stores and at flea markets. Belt buckles modeled to a particular interest can be found, for example, at conventions tailored to that interest. Science fiction conventions have belt buckles related to space travel and popular science fiction television shows. Upscale fashion stores have belt buckles that are often tailored to the stylish trends of the day. Knowing how to belt buckle on can transform your belt into a fashion accessory that's adaptable to different clothing demands.

Check your belt to make sure it's a belt that can have the buckle changed. If the belt is a cheaper model, it might not allow for the buckle to be changed. Belt ends that have studs or snaps on the end of the belt allow for the buckle to be changed.

Position the buckle beside the end of the belt so that you can make sure the buckle is facing the correct way. Push the studs through the holes or unsnap the snaps at the end of the belt, freeing up the end of the belt. These studs or snaps will be on the inside end of the belt that is folded back. Pull up on one side of the fold to see the studs or snaps.

Feed the end of the belt through the loop in the buckle. The end of the belt should fold back to align the studs with the holes or the snaps.

Determine what kind of connectors your belt has. Reconnect the end of the belt with the buckle attached. If your belt has studs and holes, push the studs through the holes. If your belt has snaps, push the snaps together.

Put your belt on; check the fit in a mirror. Sometimes a belt buckle can be put on upside down. If you've done this, simply repeat the process with the buckle rotated.