How to Put on Belt Keepers

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Certain professionals such as police, military personnel and handymen must wear a work or utility belt over the belt that holds up their pants. If the person becomes active while performing the job, the belt can slide around his waist. For instance, if a police officer is on a foot chase, the last thing she needs to worry about is her belt sliding around or falling down. Belt keepers wrap around both the pants belt and the work or utility belt to ensure that they stay in place.

Open the belt keeper. Belt keepers generally have two snaps. Undo each snap.

Slide the belt keeper behind your pants belt.

Wrap the belt keeper around your work or utility belt. You'll notice that the belt keeper is now behind your pants belt and in front of your work or utility belt.

Snap the belt keeper closed. The belt is now secure. If you wish, use a belt keeper on the other side to even out your appearance.