How to Open the Clasp of a Belt

belt with badge image by Andrey Starostin from

While belts have a utilitarian function of keeping your pants around your waist, they have also become a fashion statement. The clasp on a belt is used for holding the belt around your waist at your desired degree of tightness. The benefit of a belt clasp versus a buckle used for holding the belt in place is that you can be more precise in how tight or loose you want the belt to be because you don't need to fit it into holes along the belt, you simply close it on the belt. The following steps will guide you through opening and adjusting your belt clasp.

Thread the belt around your waist in the loopholes of your pants. Have the clasp of the belt at your front aligned with your belly button and your nose.

Close the clasp of your belt by pushing down on the part of the clasp that is sticking out.

Open the clasp of your belt by lifting the metal piece of the clasp that swings outward away from your body at the hinges.

Pull on the end of the belt sticking out on the side of the open part of the clasp to tighten the belt. When you reach your desired tightness, close the belt clasp by pressing down on it.