How to Put on a Clergy Collar

by Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 29, 2017

A clerical collar sets members of the clergy apart from the congregation.

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Members of the clergy frequently wear clerical collars only at certain worship times, though some members wear them all the time. Style options for clerical collars include shirt-cut and color. Put on a clergy collar by buttoning it to the shirt collar. Members of the clergy typically use special buttons to attach the clerical collar.

Hold the shirt so you can see the inside of the neckband. Insert a collar button into both buttonholes on the neckband; the widest part of the button protrudes out the buttonhole toward your neck.

Put on the shirt. Fasten the front and cuff buttons.

Fasten the neckband at the front and back using the collar buttons. The smaller end of the collar buttons are where you attach the clergy collar.

Attach the clergy collar to the front neckband using the collar button; it fits through the inside band of the collar.

Pull the ends of the clergy collar around to the back of the neck. Align the right end over the collar button. Push the button through the buttonhole on the inside of the clergy collar. Align the left end over the same collar button. Push the button through the buttonhole on the inside of the clergy collar to fasten it.

Adjust the shirt and collar while looking in the mirror.

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