How to Fold a Naval Neckerchief

navy uniform image by Joann Cooper from

One of the things a new United States Navy recruit must master is the art of folding and tying a naval neckerchief, the characteristic sailor tie. The neckerchief technique is one that naval personnel must learn and use often as they dress in the Navy. They must fold a naval neckerchief into a thin length and then tie it into a basic square knot around the neck of the naval uniform.

Fold the neckerchief into a triangle shape.

Hold the folded neckerchief with the long edge at the top.

Begin folding the bottom point up over two fingers to get the correct folding width. Continue folding the neckerchief using the same width until the neckerchief is a thin folded length of fabric.

Place the folded neckerchief under your collar and around your neck with the ends lying over the collarbones. Position the ends so the right end is 2 to 3 inches longer than the left end.

Cross the right end over the left end and tie the ends loosely at the collar level. Cross the left end over the right end and tie the ends loosely a second time.

Adjust the knot to make it look neat. Make the center of the knot at the center of the collar, peeking out from between the two collars where they meet. Allow the ends of the ties to hang down evenly from the knot.