How to Tie a Sailor's Necktie

by Markita Reed ; Updated September 28, 2017

A sailor’s necktie, also known as a neckerchief, is a very specific look. The neckerchief is predominantly used by sailors and scouts. The neckerchief, which started out as a , has been a part of Navy culture for a very long time. But it was made sweatbandan official part of the US Navy dress code in 1817. Known for its pristine neatness, the sailor's necktie has become a symbol of US Navy service men and woman, and is proudly worn today by sailors who have a grade level of E-6 or below.

Step 1

Start out with a neckerchief laying flat and smoothed out in front of you. It should look like a square in front of you.

Step 2

Fold the neckerchief diagonally, and smooth out any wrinkles. It should now take the shape of a triangle. The seams should be inside. For the most ease in this process, adjust the neckerchief so that you are facing the longest side. It should look like you are facing the top of the triangle shape.

Step 3

Place your first two fingers of your left hand across the corner with your thumb below.

Step 4

Fold up and over your fingers toward the left of your neckerchief.

Step 5

Fold up and over your fingers toward the right of your neckerchief.

Step 6

Fold up and over your fingers toward the left of your neckerchief once more.

Step 7

Roll your neckerchief toward the center with both hands.

Step 8

Place your rolled neckerchief around your neck and cross the long over the short to make a “V” shape about your chest.

Step 9

Tie the long end and back up, and then down to the left. This will create a loop.

Step 10

Cross the long end over the short end.

Step 11

Bring the long end back through the loop.

Step 12

Tighten the loop as you wish. Make sure that both ends are now equal.


  • Make sure that you only iron your sailor's tie when it is completely unfolded. Otherwise, this could cause your tie to become crooked and unevenly ironed.

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