How to Roll a Navy Neckerchief

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The neckerchief, a small square of black fabric worn around the neck and tied in the front, is one part of a blue and white uniform worn by naval sailors. According to Navy Times, the neckerchief was originally designed to work as a sweatband and was cut from black fabric because the color hides dirt. As part of the uniform, it is important for sailors to learn to tie the neckerchief properly, which starts with the roll.

Fold the neckerchief in half diagonally to form a triangle with the seams around the edges of the neckerchief on the inside of the fold. Orient the neckerchief so the point of the triangle is pointing toward you.

Stick your index and middle finger of one hand out together. Place these two fingers on top of the neckerchief over the point. Slide your thumb of the same hand under the point of the neckerchief.

Pinch the point of the neckerchief between the two fingers and thumb. Fold the point over the two fingers away from you. Slide your fingers out from inside the fold.

Place the index and middle finger of your other hand over the portion you just folded over and slide your thumb of that same hand under the neckerchief and repeat the fold. Keep going, alternating hands, until you have folded all the way to the long edge of the neckerchief.