How to Loosen a Tie

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A necktie that's too tight can feel uncomfortable around the neck. A tie should be loosened in this instance, as well as when it’s time to take it off completely. Yanking on a tie or improperly adjusting it can cause the knot to tighten too much. Pulling tightly on a tie can cause unnecessary stress to the fibers. This stress eventually could weaken or break the fibers, ruining the appearance of the tie. It only takes a few seconds to loosen a necktie.

Grip the knot with your dominate hand. Do not squeeze the knot.

With your other hand, hold the thinner portion of the tie that's tucked under the collar and near the knot.

Tug the knot gently away from the collar while your other hand holds the portion of the tie closest to your neck in place.

Keep the tie centered as you tug gently on the knot.