How to Keep Your Neck Tie From Slipping

by Lexi Sorenson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Before you leave the house, double-check your necktie.

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Depending on your social circle and work environment, you may wear a necktie all the time — or almost never at all. Regardless of how often you don the tie, you should always wear it properly. A sloppy-looking necktie can make you look messy, too. Prevent your tie from slipping to keep your appearance streamlined.

Make sure that the knot is tightened and straight. With most knots, such as the four-in-hand knot, the full Windsor and half Windsor, you need to slide the knot into place securely at your collar and adjust it so it looks symmetrical.

Use a tie accessory to keep the tie straight, such as a tie clip, which is a visible accessory that clips the tie to the shirt. The tie tack and tie chain are also visible tie accessories that stylishly keep a tie in place.

Check your necktie knot throughout the day to resecure it, especially if you're using a tie with a slippery material, such as silk. Materials with less friction are more likely to slide out of place.


  • A multitude of other innovative tie accessories exist online, many of which claim to easily and securely keep your necktie in place while remaining invisible.

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