How to Use a Tie Hanger

David Woolley/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Most men may initially scoff at the idea of using a tie hanger, but tie hangers can add organization to your closet and help preserve the sharp look of your tie collection. Tie hangers come in many styles, from the fixed rack to the automated models that revolve, to allow you easy access. No matter what type of tie hanger you own, they all function the same way.

Completely untie your tie, when you are done wearing it. Keeping the knot in your tie after wearing it can permanently wrinkle the finish and warp the interior structure. Untying your tie after each wearing insures that the finish stays smooth and that the tie holds its original shape.

Place your tie on one of your tie hanger's hooks, so that the tie is folded in half. Only place one tie per hook so that the ties do not crush each other and become wrinkled.

Remove any ties that may sit on your tie rack for an extended period of time. In the event that you have ties that are not often worn, you should take these ties and roll them up. Start at the skinny end, and keep them in a safe place. You will wrinkle a tie by just letting it sit on your tie hanger for extended periods of time.

Make sure that your tie hanger is behind a closed door, or in a room that is free of sun exposure, as the sun's ultraviolet rays can fade a tie and make it lose its luster.