How to Wear a Tie With a T-Shirt

by Emily Lugg ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make a statement. Wear a tie with a T-shirt. This is a look that men and women alike can pull off. It's a casual, yet fashionable alternative to wearing a tie. With the right tie and T-shirt combination, you can create any style you are trying to achieve.


Choose a solid-colored T-shirt. Any plain T-shirt will do, even a generic white undershirt you have tucked at the bottom of your drawer. A T-shirt with a small picture or saying on the front will do the job as well.

Choose a tie with a pattern or design. Use the tie as the real statement of your outfit. Explore ties with bright colors, patterns or unique pictures.

Try on more than one tie with the T-shirt you have selected. You may decide you like one over the rest.

Tie the tie around your neck, loosely. The look is best achieved when the knot of the necktie is below the neckline of your T-shirt.

Consider the other accessories you want to wear as part of your ensemble. Maybe a vest? A unique belt?


  • Choose a "style" for this look. Do you want to look retro? Vintage? Select the pieces accordingly.

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