How to Wear Tie Chains

by Gigi Starr

According to "GQ Magazine," the tie chain "was popular among zoot-suiters in the late ’40s and ’50s, presumably [to control] one’s cravat during extreme jitterbug maneuvers." While today's tie-chain wearer may not be hitting the dance floor, the tie chain is still a popular accoutrement for some gentleman. Wear this accessory to the office or wear it for dressy occasions.

Items you will need

  • Tie chain
  • Button-down shirt
  • Tie
Step 1

Decide if the tie chain fits the occasion. While tie chains are fine for everyday wear, they can catch on articles of clothing, buttons and sundry objects in passing. If day-to-day tasks carry a high risk of snagging, then eschew the tie chain until later.

Step 2

Select which tie chain suits your outfit. Tie chains are available in both gold and silver, with gold usually reserved for more formal occasions. A thinner chain may look nice, but it will be more fragile. Choose according to taste and wear.

Step 3

Open up the tie chain. The chain should be open if it's a double-clasp model.

Step 4

Choose a position for the tie chain that is over a shirt button at the desired height. Traditionally, a tie chain is worn lower on the tie but can be changed to suit personal taste. For double-clasp chains, wrap the two ends of the chain around the tie and bring the closures to the rear.

Step 5

Secure the over-button mechanism or button eyelet over the chosen button to fasten the tie chain. Usually, the wearer slips the button through the wire opening and pulls till it's secure.

Step 6

Adjust the drape of the tie so that the chain and tie fall flat and are centered.

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