How to Put on a Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre-tied bow ties are handy if you tend to turn into a bundle of nerves preparing for a big event. They take the guesswork out of smart dressing so you don't need to recall which side folds over and which loops under. The style typically features a square-shaped clasp that slides across the strap to adjust fit. One end of the strap is adorned with a claw-shaped clip and the other an opening to place it in. Add a pre-tied bow tie to your wardrobe to look party ready without the stress.

Pull on your collared shirt and button it to the top.

Wrap the tie around the back of your neck. Position the bow directly under your chin, and pull the adjustable strap until the end is aligned with the center of the bow. This will adjust the tie to your neck size.

Pull the clasp across the strap of your tie until it sits where your index finger and thumb are.

Place the clip at the end of the tie strap into the adjoining end that sits behind the bow. The two-pronged clip will fit within the end piece entirely.

Adjust the strap further if necessary by pulling the clasp at the back of your collar to the left. Flip your collar down over the strap.