How to Wear a Pocket Watch on a Vest

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Pocket watches were once an indication of wealth. They were used by important men who had important schedules to keep. Over time they became less popular simply because they are not as easy to use as other timepieces.

If you have a yearning for the distinctive, a pocket watch may be the perfect accessory. A pocket watch can be a conversation piece or a link to the past. Using a pocket watch will often garner comments and questions when you bring it out to check the time.

If you wear a pocket watch with a vest, you will typically find that the vest is designed to carry a pocket watch on a chain. The watch is placed into a vest pocket and a stylish chain dangles and is attached to the vest.

Here are some guidelines for wearing a pocket watch with a vest.

Select a chain that you like. There are several different variations and many different styles of chains to choose from.

Some chains attach into a buttonhole and take the place of a button on the vest. From the buttonhole attachment, a chain connects to the watch and the watch is placed in a vest pocket. There may also be a second chain to use for attaching either a decorative item or a knife or a lighter or something of this nature.

Some chains attach into a buttonhole with a t-bar and are fastened into the buttonhole along with the button. From the t-bar, a chain connects the watch similarly to the buttonhole chain. There may also be a second chain with this style of chain as well.

Connect the chain to the vest in the method appropriate for your style of chain.

Place the watch into the watch pocket of the vest that is opposite your dominant hand. The watch needs to be placed in the watch pocket facing in toward the body. This facilitates easy manipulating of the watch when you bring it out of the pocket to check the time.

Allow the chain to sag between the connection and the pocket for an attractive look.