How to Buckle a Gucci Watch

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Gucci watches come in multiple styles and materials. There are three common types of watch clasp on Gucci watches: the deployment, or folding clasp; the buckle clasp; and the jewelry clasp. Deployment and hidden clasps are typically seen on wide-band metal watches. Buckle clasps are used on plastic and leather bands. Jewelry clasps are used on thin, bracelet-type watches.

Identify Your Clasp

Identify the type of clasp that your watch has. A buckle latch is easily identified by the belt buckle-like piece of metal, called the loop, and the buckle arm, which is the small piece of metal that fits into the hole on the other side of the band.

Look at the underside of the clasp to identify a deployment clasp. Deployment clasps have two pieces of thin, grooved metal that fold over each other and under the band of the watch. The clasp sits between the two ends of the band and looks like a curved piece of metal that sometimes has a folded safety latch over it.

Identify the jewelry clasp by the thin piece of hinged metal that sits at the end of one side of the band. This hinged piece has a small hook on the end to allow your finger to unhook the clasp. On the other end of the band there is a small bar for the hinged metal to fold around.

Buckling a Deployment Clasp

Slide the watch around your wrist with the buckle facing you. Fold the pieces of metal that make up the extender of the clasp together.

Lay the folded extender under the watch between the band and your skin. This brings the clasp of the watch together and removes any slack in the extender.

Close the safety clasp, which is the piece that folds over the top of the clasp. The safety clasp latches securely with a click.

Buckling a Buckle Clasp

Lay the watch over the top of your wrist with the two sides of the band on either side of your wrist. Hold the band onto the sides of your wrist and turn your wrist over.

Bring the side of the band that has the holes through the buckle loop on the end of the other side of the band and pull the band back. Feed the buckle arm through the hole in the band that feels most comfortable.

Feed the extra end of the band into the leather strap just past the buckle loop. This secures the excess band to the watch so it doesn’t get caught.

Buckling the Jewelry Clasp

Lay the watch over the top of your wrist and allow the band to dangle on the sides of your wrist. Hold the band against the sides of your wrist. Turn your wrist over and press the face of the watch against your leg or table to hold tight against your wrist.

Pull the two ends of the band together with your other hand. Loop the hooked end of the hinged clasp around the metal bar or loop of the other side of the clasp.

Fold the hinged clasp over and snap it shut. Adjust the watch on your wrist so it is sitting correctly.