How to Make a Loose Watch Tight

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Tastes differ regarding how tightly a watch should be worn on the wrist. Some people like the band tight so the watch doesn't slide around, while others prefer to wear it loose to prevent sweaty wrists or constricted blood flow. Tightening a leather watchband is easy; tightening a metal band is slightly more time-consuming.

Tighten a Leather Watchband

Pull on the piece of the watchband that has the holes in it to release the metal tab that is in one of the holes and holding the watchband closed.

Continue to pull on this end of the watchband until the end of the metal tab is even with the next hole in the watchband.

Guide the metal tab into this hole. This should make the watchband tighter. Use a leather hole punch to create an additional hole if needed.

Tighten a Metal Watchband

Examine the clasp of the metal watchband and find the end of the pin that is holding it onto the stretchable part of the watchband.

Using a small object such as a paper clip, press on the end of the pin and force it out through the other side of the band. This should detach the clasp from the band.

Find the next pin that is connecting the first section of the stretchable part of the band to the rest of the band. Force it out using the paper clip. This should detach this section from the rest of the band.

Continue detaching enough sections of the stretchable band to reduce the diameter of the band. After you have detached enough sections, reattach the clasp by connecting it to the stretchable part of the band and replacing a pin to hold them together.

Keep the parts of the band that you have removed in case you want to make the band larger again in the future.