What Is a Figaro Style Necklace?

gold chain image by saied shahinkiya from Fotolia.com

The Figaro style necklace is a vastly popular and intricate piece of jewelry. It has been a very fashionable accessory since its creation centuries ago. The Figaro design is extremely classic and handsome, as well as completely ideal if you're seeking a polished, accessorized look.


According to Goldfinity.com, the Figaro necklace was first created in Italy and is a popular design amongst Italian jewelry-makers. The name of the necklace was actually inspired by two notable Gioachino Rossini operas, "The Barber of Seville" and "The Marriage of Figaro," as stated by Limogesjewelry.com. Coincidentally, both of the two aforementioned operas feature lead characters named Figaro.


The Figaro chain is traditionally made of gold, but the modern version of the chain may be crafted in silver and platinum. Overall, the main aesthetic of the classic necklace is a uniformly linked chain.

The Figaro style is comprised of a pattern that alternates between two or three short, circular links and on extended oval-shaped link. Similar to a “curb” style chain necklace, all of the separate links are attached and lie flat, thus creating a very streamlined appearance. There are also an extensive amount of options for the thickness of the links, which are usually measured in millimeters.


Since its creation, the Figaro chain has encountered many fads concerning its production and the consumer. The chain is often marketed as a gender-neutral style of jewelry, but men predominantly wear it.

The Figaro style is also one of the most popular chains to accompany with pendants and charms. One prominent trend involving pendants is to adorn the chain with religious medallions or crosses.

Where to Buy

Jewelers who sell necklace chains or bracelets traditionally stock the Figaro chain as it is a classic piece. There are also many online retailers who sell this necklace style. Well-known jewelers, such as Zales and Jarred, also sell Figaro chains online and in stores.


Cost for this style varies greatly on the buyer's preferences. Length, chain thickness, choice of metal and extra pendants are all factors that affect the price of the piece. As of May 2010, prices of a Figaro chain range from $10 to several thousands of dollars, depending on the characteristics of the chain.