Tiffany Engraving Options

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Since first opening in 1837, Tiffany has built a reputation as the world’s leading jeweler, appreciated for its stunning diamonds and glamorous designs. While Tiffany’s contemporary catalog extends far beyond jewelry, any gift presented in a Tiffany Blue Box promises to be special. To make a Tiffany gift even more meaningful, consider engraving the piece for a personal and distinctive touch.

Items for Engraving

Tiffany offers engraving services for a wide variety of items. The jewelry category encompasses wedding bands, lockets, I.D. bracelets and cuff links for engraving. In the home category, engraving-eligible items include mirrors, picture frames, bottle openers, trays and collectible spoons. Baby cups, pens, money clips, letter openers and Swiss army knives from the accessories category may be engraved. Engraving services are also available for items from Tiffany’s charms, keys, and watches categories.

Engraving Techniques

Both machine engraving and hand-engraving services are supplied by Tiffany. Machine engraving cuts or displaces metal with technology, producing consistent results from one item to another. In hand engraving, an engraver crafts letters by removing the metal with manual tools. Every hand-engraved piece features a character all its own that reflects the particular engraver’s artistry. Unsurprisingly, hand engraving takes more time than machine engraving. Hand engraving also costs more than twice as much as machine engraving.

Lettering Styles

Tiffany offers initial engraving in five popular styles for pieces ordered on the Internet. Block and Roman are the simplest styles, while Italian Roman displays letters in italics for flair. Selecting one of these three styles ensures an easy-to-read engraving. If you desire more ornate engraving, Tiffany offers Script and French Script. However, due to the dramatic flourishes of these elegant styles, people may mistake certain initials for other letters. Other engraving styles may be available for in-store orders.

Service Limitations

For web orders, Tiffany will engrave the purchased item with up to three uppercase letters. However, Tiffany does not provide the engraving of logos, numbers, punctuation marks, lowercase or additional letters on Internet purchases. Visiting a Tiffany store location or placing an order over the telephone may yield additional engraving options. Tiffany offers engraving services for Tiffany-hallmarked products only. Finally, note that Tiffany does not accept returns of engraved items.