How to Make Babysitting Business Cards

Whether you're a teen looking for a way to make some extra cash after school, or a 20-something searching for a way to take her babysitting business to the next level, making babysitting business cards is a great business strategy and a good way to network with potential clients.

Design and print free business cards on the web using a website that prints business cards such as (see Resources below). On the business cards, your name should be typed in bold letters with your position, babysitter, typed below your name in smaller letters. Contact information such as an email address and telephone number should be listed underneath your name and position. While babysitting business cards can be professional, it is acceptable in this circumstance to add color or design to your business cards to show off your personality. You can also choose from a variety of templates on these websites for your business cards, and prices to print them are generally low.

Buy card-stock business card printing paper at your local office supplies store. If you have printing software or even software such as Microsoft Word, you can design and print the business cards yourself. The design may not be as creative as those found on websites that specialize in business cards, but people can still print professional and attractive business cards on their own printing softwares. Once you've designed the business cards and printed them out, tear each one out carefully along the perforations.

List any training, certification or years of experience on your business card as well. Your business cards should show that you are a responsible person, that you can provide references if a parent asks for them and that you are experienced. For example, if your name was Jane Doe, your babysitting business card could read: Jane Doe. Babysitter Extraordinare. (444) 444-4444. Five Years Experience, References Upon Request.

Make sure your business cards are eye-catching. Distinguish your babysitting business cards from someone else's and make the cards easy to find for busy parents. For example, if a card is metallic or if it has faux glitter on it, there is a better chance that parents will pick up that card when they're looking for a babysitter.