List of Things to Change When You Get Married

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Few women consider the impact that marriage and taking on their partner’s last name will have in other areas of their lives. However, once you change your last name, your identity changes; using your new name requires updating the databases of many government and state agencies, as well as financial companies. The time to complete the process of a name change varies, depending on how many agencies and companies you must contact.


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Contact your local Social Security Administration to update your Social Security card with your new last name. As this reflects on your employment records, you should inform your employer so he can provide a new tax form to you. Update your filing status and deductions on your W-2, and remember to revise your last name for your paycheck. Fill out a name change card at the US post office and, while there, update your passport with your new name prior to leaving the country.


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Bring your marriage certificate with you to the local Department of Motor Vehicles. As your driving license is your major form of identification, request a new license reflecting the changed last name. Revise your name on your identification card and any vehicles registration cards for automobiles or recreational vehicles that you own. While there, you can update your name on your voter registration card.


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Change your name on your bank accounts to match the new name on your license. You will also need to contact your credit card companies, inform them of your name change and request new cards reflecting the correct new name. Stock brokerages and IRA or CD accounts will need to be changed, as well as your mortgage and any loans that have open accounts. Update insurance documents and contact your attorney about updating your will and all legal documents.