How to Cash Checks After a Wedding

by Yvonne Johnson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Getting married is an exuberant experience, but it often comes with many challenges. At the same time, receiving wedding gifts is wonderful but also presents some challenges. Guests often write personal checks to give to the bride and groom at their wedding. Due to the fact that people usually write checks to Mr. and Mrs. (Man's Last Name), it is best to have a joint checking account to cash these checks. Read on for the simple steps to cash these checks and get started on your new life together.

Cashing Checks

If you and your spouse do not already have a joint checking account, open one. Be sure to contact the bank before you go to find out what items that you need to bring along, for example, your driver's licenses and proof of address.

Go to the bank, and deposit the checks into your joint checking account.

Find out from your banker the amount of time you have to wait before the bank posts the checks to your account.

Withdraw your money, and enjoy these thoughtful gifts.


  • If you do not plan on opening a joint checking account, then the person who is named on the check is the only person who will be able to cash the check at the bank.

    If neither of you have a checking account, then the person whose name is on the check will need to go to the bank of the person who wrote the check in order to cash it.

    Be sure to write thank you notes.

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