How To Get Married in Kentucky

Bride & groom

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Have you decided to tie the knot in Kentucky? The Bluegrass State has a few rules that are typical of many states. Just check the requirements and get your license before the big day, and you will be on your honeymoon in no time.

When you decide it's time to get married, go to your local Kentucky county clerk's office as a couple.

Bring your Kentucky driver's license or other picture ID showing that you are of age to get married (usually 18 years old), money (most want cash), proof that any past marriages have ended, and your legal guardian's consent if you are under 18. Having your birth certificate or Social Security card might be helpful.

Fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain your marriage license. A marriage license gives you permission to marry legally.

Get a clergyman licensed in Kentucky or a justice of the peace to perform your marriage ceremony. If you are getting married at the courthouse by a judge, you will need a witness to your ceremony.