How to Do a Legal Name Change After Marriage in Missouri

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In Missouri, as in most other states, a legal name change takes place when a couple gets married and includes both the old name and the new name in the indicated spaces on the marriage license. Nothing beyond the marriage license is required to do a legal name change after marriage. The certified marriage license is proof of the legal name change and can be used to notify other organizations and agencies of your name change after marriage.

Get a Marriage License

Apply in person for a marriage license at the county recorder's office in the county in which the wedding will be taking place, no more than 30 days before the wedding. Both parties must be present together to apply for the marriage license.

Provide a valid photo identification that includes date of birth, along with a social security card.

Write the names of both parties as they are to appear after marriage in the spaces provided on the marriage license. This is the part of the process that leads to a legal name change.

Give the marriage license to the person performing the marriage ceremony, who must return it to the county recorder within 15 days after the ceremony takes place.

Contact the recorder's office after the wedding has taken place to receive a certified marriage license that can serve as proof of legal name change.

Notify Other Agencies

Complete an application for a Social Security card for the new name and include the certified marriage certificate as proof of name change. This can be done in person at a Social Security office or by mail.

Take the certified marriage certificate or a Social Security card that lists the new name to a Missouri license office to change the name on the driver's license. They will issue a duplicate driver's license with the new name, and will process it as a renewal if the license is set to expire within six months.

Change your name on your vehicle title by submitting an application for title with documentation of the name change and the old title.

Contact other agencies to change the name on your work documents, medical records, insurance, financial accounts, and any other places where your old name is listed. A certified marriage certificate is sufficient proof of legal name change for all of these.