How to Write a Reference Letter for Someone Seeking Child Visitaion

Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Getty Images

When a custody battle gets ugly and the court needs to step in to establish who should be allowed to see the children, it may request reference letters to establish child visitation. These letters should be written by someone who knows the parent in question well and can put him in a good light. When you are writing a reference letter, it is important to include the right type of information and to format the letter correctly.

Begin the letter by letting the reader know who you are and how you know the parent in question. Show how you are able to speak of her ability as a parent.

Describe to the reader the relationship that the parent has with his child. Include a short story about an interaction that you witnessed that shows that there is a strong bond present.

List the personality traits of the parent in question to show how she is a good parent and deserves to have visitation with her child. Be as specific as possible, focusing on at least two to four main traits that are useful in parenting.

Include evidence of the things you say by giving specific examples. Giving only general statements makes the letter feel forced and vague. Specific examples will give the court a better look at this person as a parent.

Summarize why you feel the parent should get visitation with his child at the end of the letter. This wraps up the letter and gives an overview of everything you have covered.

Sign and notarize the letter. This proves you are who you claim to be.