Local Places to Get a Photo ID for a Child

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Photo identification cards, which help to quickly identify your child in an emergency, can be purchased at many places in your local community.

Department of Motor Vehicles

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Visit your state's nearest Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain a photo identification for your child. Typically the card contains information that includes the child's legal name, date of birth, current address and other identifying data. Remember that when applying for a photo identification card with your local DMV, it is essential to provide proof of your child’s identification. Have information ready such as his Social Security card and birth certificate, along with your own photo identification card.

Educational Institutions

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Educational institutions can provide your child with a photo identification card. Not only might this allow your child to receive discounts within the community, he is also recognized as a registered student at the school. Keep in mind that school identification cards can contain limited information on your child. Typically this type of identification will have a photo of your child with his full name that identifies him as a student of a particular school. Contact the school's administrative or district office for more information on how to obtain a school photo identification card.

Online Identification Cards

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Visit various websites that enable you to create a photo identification card for your child without leaving your home. These websites champion children’s safety and enable you to upload and crop your child’s picture, add identifying information and select a background for your child’s card. The service is convenient, and ID cards are typically shipped within 24 hours.

Medical Institutions

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If your child has an allergy or illness, talk to your doctor or health care professional about getting him a photo identification card. Because this card denotes that your child has a specific medical condition, it must be approved by a doctor or pharmacist. These cards often come equipped with a patient’s photo, full legal name, medical condition, and doctor’s name and telephone number, and can be coupled with a Med-Alert bracelet.