How to Word Thank You Cards After a Baptism

priest baptizing a baby boy

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Baptism is a revered tradition among many Christians. Families often have infants baptized in church as a public symbol of their decision to dedicate the child to Christ and their commitment to raise the child according to church teachings. Typically performed in front of the entire congregation, the ceremony of baptism is a joyous occasion shared with family and friends. Follow up by sending meaningful, handwritten thank you notes to the officiant, the baby's godparents and family members or friends who joined you for your baby's special day.

Purchase tasteful thank you cards or blank cards to create your own. You can choose from generic appreciation cards or notes specifically designed for baptisms or christenings.

Hand-write a heartfelt note to each recipient. Focus on how much it means to your family that he came to share this special event. Include a specific comment by the pastor or a favorite Bible verse that captures the significance of the occasion.

Express your thanks for any support or assistance the card's recipient provided for the baptism or related celebration: Thank the pastor for officiating at the ceremony, your best friends for taking on the important role of godparents to your baby and your grandmother for making the baptism dress for the baby.

Include a picture of the baby on the day of the baptism. If you have pictures of the recipients with the baby, make a copy of the appropriate photo for each recipient as a memento of their involvement in your baby's special day.

Sign each card with a warm, loving closing, such as, "With love," "Fondly," or "With loving thanks," followed by the names of your family members -- Becky, Joe and Amanda Smith -- or simply, "The Smith Family." Send the cards via first-class mail.