Examples of Thank-You Notes for Wakes and Funerals

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Going through the death of a loved one is not easy, and the thought of having to sit down and write out thank-you notes after a funeral, wake or memorial service can seem overwhelming. However difficult the timing may be, it's important to thank the people who contributed in any way during these hard life moments. There are many different types of thank-you notes to write, depending on who you are writing to and what that person did during your grieving time.

General Notes

For a simple thank-you note that makes the process a little easier, stick with a general thank-you note that says something along the lines of "thank you for your thoughtfulness" or " your support during this time is appreciated." This type of note can be used for almost anyone, and is easy and straight to the point.


You may want to write simple thank-you notes, thanking people for attending the service. Writing a note that simply thanks the person or persons for attending and sharing memories of the deceased is a good thank-you note for this purpose.

Flowers and Gifts

Many funeral guests will attend services bearing gifts, such as flowers or home-baked goods. A thank-you note to these people for their thoughtfulness and generosity is a good idea, and expresses your appreciation for their gifts during this difficult time.

Monetary Donations

If a person passes due to an illness such as cancer or heart disease, friends and family may be asked to make a donation to a specific fund or organization in the person's honor. Thank-you notes should be sent to these people, simply stating how appreciative you are of their giving spirit and special memorial of the passed loved one.

Thank-you notes should also be sent to people who provide donations of money directly to the affected family of the passed loved one.

Clergy and Pallbearers

Some people may wish to thank the clergy who officiated the funeral services, or the pallbearers who escorted the casket of the passed loved one to and from the funeral. Thanking the clergy for the special and comforting service he performed is simple and enough to show your gratitude for his assistance at this time.

A simple note thanking someone for serving as pallbearer and telling him how much his contribution to the service meant to you makes for a very special thank-you note.