DIY Funeral Guest Books

by Cheryl Munson

Instead of purchasing a ready-made, standard guest book for a funeral, you can create your own. Then you can add pictures, quotes and graphics to honor the deceased and add to the family's collection of memories. Making a guest book is actually quite easy to do at home on your computer. Once the pages are printed, all you have to do is have your customized guest book spiral bound at a photocopy center.

Gather pictures and graphics to use for the guest book. Look for a picture of the deceased to use on the cover. Go on the Internet to find free photographs and clip art that will convey the visual tone you wish for the guest book, such as religious clip art or photographs of gardens, a sunset, the ocean and other peaceful scenes and settings.

Compose your own pages for the guestbook with an easy-to-use program such as Microsoft Word. Open a file to create the guestbook. Click on the file tab and choose "Page Setup." Click on the "landscape" format to make a horizontal guest book.

Click on the "Format" tab and then click "Paragraph." Click "Line Spacing" and use either the "1.5 lines" or "Double" lines setting to provide guests with ample space to enter their information.

Set tabs to create lines for guests to enter their information. Set tabs at the 4 and 5-inch marks. Click on the "Format" tab, then the "Font" tab and select a classic typeface.

Enter the word: "Name" at the far right and beginning of the text line. tab over to the 3-inch mark. Enter the word: Address. Tab over to the 4-inch mark and create a line for the guest to enter their address information, extending the line to the 8-inch mark (which is the default left margin for the page).

Hit the "enter" key to go to the second line, and tab over to the 4-inch mark to create a second line for address information, such as an apartment number. Go to the third line and tab over to the 4-inch mark to enter the word: City. Tab over to the 3-inch mark to make the line. Repeat the process to create a "State/Zip" line and a line for email information.

Left click the mouse, hold it down to highlight all five lines for the name, and address information. Right click to "copy and paste" the information, allowing space for three entries per sheet.

Print enough pages to accommodate entries for every guest in attendance. Add photographs, graphics, poems, quotes and biblical passages and pictures on the reverse side of each address page.

Create a cover using heavy paper or card stock for the cover. Add the words "Guest Book" in a large type font size, such as 24 or larger along with pictures and graphics.

Collate the pages together and take the printed materials to a photocopy center or printer for binding. Use spiral binding to make it easy for guests to turn pages and enter their information. Include a clear, acetate cover to protect the cover page and a thick vinyl back sheet.

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • Binding
  • Cover Sheet
  • Back Sheet


  • Explore free templates for guest books and scrapbooks on websites such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. Explore websites for showers and weddings for templates and design ideas that can be appropriately altered to create a funeral guest book.

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